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Capture brilliant images of the aquatic world with your CANON POWERSHOT G1 X MARK III CAMERA IN IKELITE'S UNDERWATER HOUSING, which has a depth rating of 200'. An Ikelite bulkhead with built-in TTL circuitry enables reliable electrical triggering of optional, external Ikelite DS strobes via sync cords. Non-Ikelite strobes will work in manual mode only. The housing is also equipped with dual fiber-optic ports to give you the ability to trigger strobes via the camera's built-in flash.

This housing features a built-in, flat glass lens port with a 3" diameter. It accepts optional, external wide-angle and macro lenses, as well as color-correction filters. Additionally, the enclosure is compatible with an optional aluminum tray with one or two grips, which will afford improved balance and handling while offering a way to attach optional lighting arms.


  • Weight: 2.9 lb (1315 g)
  • 6 x 5.7 x 7.3" (152 x 145 x 185 mm)


  • Depth rating: 200'/ 60 m
  • Made from a durable, corrosion-resistant ABS and polycarbonate blend
  • White on the front, top, sides, and bottom to reflect sunlight and keep camera cool when shooting on or above water's surface
  • Clear in the back to allow you to monitor the O-ring seal and camera
  • Two double-passivated, stainless steel locking latches are virtually unbreakable and make it easy to open and close the housing
  • Rear O-ring seal design and placement prevents accidental twisting or stretching, and eliminates the need for a groove that can trap sand, dirt, or debris
  • 1/2-20 threaded accessory port on the side of the housing allows for the easy installation of an optional Vacuum Kit, which will allow you to confirm the integrity of the watertight seal before diving
  • Camera is installed and removed through the front of the housing
  • Mounting plate allows for secure camera placement, and has a 1/4"-20 threaded hole on the bottom for a tripod


  • Ergonomic, mechanical controls, including push-buttons, dials, and a lever, afford access to all camera functions except for the Wi-Fi button and diopter adjustment control
  • Whenever possible, controls are placed in the same configuration as they are on the camera itself, allowing you to use the muscle memory you've already developed
  • Redesigned push-buttons are even lighter in weight than the previously-existing ones, and are also less prone to salt buildup
  • Shutter lever is curved and more responsive than previous versions
  • Camera's flash may be used inside the housing to trigger external strobes via fiber-optic cables
  • Optional aluminum tray with one or two grips will afford improved balance and handling, while offering attachment points for optional lighting arms
  • Laser-engraved control symbols on the back of the housing won't come off or fade with time


  • Built-in glass port with a flat front element and 3" diameter accommodates and protects the camera's lens
  • Features 67mm threads for attaching external wide-angle and macro wet lenses or color-correction filters
  • Wide-angle lenses increase your angle of coverage, allowing you to get close to your subject while fitting more in the frame
  • Macro lenses enable extreme close-ups with great clarity and detail, so you can fill the whole frame with a tiny sea creature
  • Both types of conversion lenses cut down on distortion caused by the water, resulting in better image quality
  • Ikelite WD-3 Wide-Angle Dome provides mid-range coverage with no vignetting
  • Ikelite W-30, INON UWL-H100, and other 67mm wide-angle options offer wider coverage, but not without a little vignetting and edge distortion
  • By using a smaller aperture, zooming in slightly, and/or cropping in post-production, vignetting and distortion can be reduced or eliminated
  • Available macro lenses include those from INON, Epoque, Nauticam, and other brands
  • When not using an external strobe, attach an optional, external color-correction filter for blue or green water to your port, in order to restore hues that are absorbed beneath the surface
  • 3" filters can be pressed directly onto the port; the larger 3.6" size may be required when fitting filters onto wide-angle wet lenses


  • Ikelite bulkhead with built-in TTL circuitry allows for reliable electrical triggering of optional, external Ikelite DS strobes via sync cords
  • Strobe-powered circuitry is fine-tuned to provide the most accurate exposure possible with your G1 X Mark III
  • Exposure compensation is adjusted via the camera's built-in control
  • Non-Ikelite strobes will not work in TTL mode, but will function effectively in manual mode
  • Connecting a sync cord is as easy as screwing in a light bulb
  • Threaded fit prevents accidental detachment during use
  • Bulkhead has been relocated to the top of the housing to keep cords out of the way and minimize strain on the ends
  • Camera's built-in flash is not suitable for illuminating shots underwater, but can be used to trigger external strobes that have greater range, coverage, power, and color-correcting capability
  • Dual fiber-optic ports enable direct connection to many strobes