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Nauticam announces the "LCD Magnifier with Dioptric Adjustment" for select Nauticam underwater camera housings. The magnifier uses a specially designed optic to perform well underwater and features a dioptric adjustment so the user can dial in the lens correction to get a very sharp view of the camera LCD. The molded rubber sunshade virtually eliminates problems seeing the LCD in bright sunlight.

This new part allows everyone to see the LCD screen much more easily than without it, and makes getting accurate focus and interesting composition much easier.

The LCD Magnifier with Dioptric Adjustment is now available for Nauticam housings for the following cameras:

  • Canon EOS M
  • Canon G15
  • Canon S110
  • Panasonic LX7
  • Sony NEX-5R (Serial # A045572 and later)
  • Sony RX-100 (Serial # A040732 and later)
  • Additional Nauticam housings may be supported in future releases.


  • Approximate adjustment range, -2 to +3 diopters
  • Broadband anti-reflective multi-layer coating
  • +10 Achromatic lens, manufactured specifically for underwater usage