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Nauticam is pleased to unveil NA-D7500, the latest release in the world's finest line of underwater camera housings. Nauticam is the market leader in ergonomics, build quality, and reliability. Built on a foundation of innovative product design and modern manufacturing technology, NA-D7500 is the ultimate accessory for the exciting new Nikon D7500 camera.


Nauticam housings are evolutionary marvels, with advancements from previous Nauticam for Nikon systems providing the foundation for this new model. Customer feedback is integrated at every possible opportunity. The cumulative experience of the Nauticam user base provides constant inspiration for innovation and is a key strength of the brand.

The new NA-D7500 housing further enhances the market leading Nauticam ergonomic experience with improved control placement in a compact, lightweight housing produced with cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

Unmatched Ergonomics

The right grip is mission control for the D7500 camera, accessing many of the frequently used camera functions. Oversized levers are identifiable by feel, allowing tactile operation while framing with the optical viewfinder. The most frequently accessed fingertip controls (Shutter Release, Main Command Dial, and Sub Command Dial, Video Record, and AE-L/AF-L) are located here. ISO, the primary exposure control used by DSLR video shooters, is accessed by a convenient thumb lever under the right grip. INFO, useful for calling up the camera settings on the 3.2" rear color LCD, is placed at the left thumb.

A "pinky lever", placed just under the front sub-command dial, accesses the Fn1 button. This can be linked to several assignable functions.

The new AF-Mode Lever is a significant improvement and one based on feedback from Nauticam customers in the field. Nikon AF Area modes have become so powerful that shooters are regularly switching between 3D Tracking, Auto Area AF, and Single Area modes. The AF-Mode lever is now easily located by feel from the left handle! A separate AF-M lever is positioned above this lever, and identifiable by feel.

A double thumb lever accesses playback and the INFO Button.

Extensive Customization for a Tailored Ergonomic Experience

The Nikon D7500 camera in a Nauticam NA-D7500 housing offers two assignable pushbuttons (AE-L/AF-L, and FN1) that can all be accessed from the housing handles.

These custom functions can be overwhelming at first, but the creative options they unlock can be incredibly valuable in the field. In short, these assignable buttons mean less time digging through camera menus to change camera functions, and more time capturing the scene as it unfolds. There isn't a right way to configure these systems. Every photographer and shooting scenario has unique demands. Some ideas are listed below:

My Menu, a customized panel with frequently accessed menus settings

Access Top Item in MY MENU, actually jumps into a frequently accessed sub menu structure for the top level My Menu selection, saving at least two button presses. (ie min shutter speed in auto iso mode, or quickly define a preset white balance)

Quickly access another metering mode, toggling between the selected metering pattern and an alternate that more appropriately evaluates the current scene.

Flash disable/enable, this is a big one! Toggles external flashes on and off, allowing a switch between artificial light shooting (continuous shooting speed limited by flash recycle, and shutter speed limited by the strobe max sync speed at 1/250) to silhouette mode using only ambient light (full 8 fps continuous shooting speed, unrestricted flash sync speed).

External Flash Triggering

The D7500 camera's pop-up flash fires inside of the NA-D7500 housing, and optical TTL compatible strobes connected by fiber optic cables allow manual and TTL flash exposure. Optical systems, with fiber optic cables linking the external flashes to the housing, are far more reliable than any electrical sync cable system. There are no connections to flood, or fragile wires to break, and nearly every popular underwater strobe supports optical triggering.

The optional Flash Trigger for Nikon (compatible with NA-D7100, D7200, D7500), PN 26304 can fire at the full 8 fps of the camera, making it the ideal solution for the rapid-fire fast action shooting that the D7500 now allows for. Using this trigger instead of the pop-up flash allows rapid-fire shooting, with the bonus of increased camera battery life.