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No other underwater housing manufacturer can match the experience of Nauticam in mirrorless camera support. NA-EM10II is the sixth Olympus Mirrorless Housing designed and manufactured by Nauticam, and the sixteenth model built around the Micro Four Thirds lens lineup! Twenty micro four-thirds lenses, including all popular lenses for underwater photography, are supported by this system. This experience results in the most refined, reliable, and ergonomic solution available today for the Micro Four Thirds user.

The compact design is sculpted to provide convenient access to shutter release, front command dial, rear command dial, Fn1, Fn2, Movie, and even the EVF/LCD selector lever at the photographer's right hand. A rubberized zoom and focus control provides ergonomic, tactile lens control.

More than just good-looking, this is rugged housing, ready to tackle thousands of hours of underwater abuse. Crafted from solid aircraft aluminum, the housing can reach depths of 100m with ease. The secure single rotating housing latch opens the housing back. The camera drops in easily, with no controls needing to be preset. The rear-mounted housing o-ring makes maintenance simple. Dual fiber optic synch ports are standard and take advantage of the camera's built-in flash for strobe triggering. To make the most of the E-M10 Mark IIs excellent electronic viewfinder (EVF), Nauticam allows for installation of the acclaimed 45_ and 180_ magnified viewfinders, providing the ultimate in composition and focus ability. NA-EM10II accepts the new MIL Style Viewfinders (32205 and 32204), so no accessory window is required to mount the viewfinder!

The NA-EM10II is designed by photographers for photographers. Look no further for state of the art.

Integrated Vacuum Monitoring and Leak Detection

Circuitry included as standard equipment provides constant monitoring of water-tight integrity when combined with an optional Nauticam M14 Vacuum Valve (PN 25611).

Extensive Accessory Lineup

The range of Nauticam accessories is unmatched, with multiple accessories available to customize the system to individual needs. A variety of lens ports support all popular lenses. Accessory lenses, like the revolutionary Compact Macro Converter (PN 81301) and Wet Wide Lens (PN 83201), are attached with an easy-to-use bayonet system.

Locking Mounting Tray

A new cam lever system securely locks the camera in place, providing strength and precise positioning even when a heavy lens is mounted.

The camera, with lens and zoom gear mounted, drops into the housing. No controls need to be preset!

Stainless Steel Handle Brackets

Stiffening handle brackets are included with the housing, providing a solid "wobble free" attachment when using Nauticam Flexitray (PN 71207) and Easitray (PN 71206) with heavy lighting systems. Multiple lanyard attachment points are included in the brackets.

Shutter Release Extension

The NA-EM10II housing is designed for a right hand on the grip shooting style, but this isn't always the best solution for users with very large hands, or in cold water with thick gloves. Our shutter release extension was designed to enhance ergonomics in these configurations and is included with every housing at no charge.

Compact Design, Advanced Features

The housing is sculpted to fit the E-M10 II camera like a glove, and extensive camera control ergonomic enhancements are made to ensure that the housing is as easy to use in water as the camera is on land.

Rubberized Zoom/Focus Knob

A large, rubberized zoom and focus control knob provides easy lens control with an excellent tactile feel.

The knob disengages, providing more working space for quick lens changes.

The iconic Nauticam port locking lever allows effortless port changes. No twisting is required, just press and lock.