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SEAC FRONTAL BUDDY SNORKEL is the ideal center-mount snorkel for the swimmer who wants to improve his technique, train in a more focused way, and not think about breathing.

SEAC Buddy is the ideal companion for the swimmer who wishes to improve his/her training and skill level.


  • The soft silicone mouthpiece and its orthodontic shape guarantee a perfect mouth seal, even during the turning phases.
  • The hydrodynamic profile reduces water friction making SEAC Buddy very stable, facilitating simple breathing.
  • The adjustable light bracket with its integrated pad creates a comfortable, customizable stable attachment for special strokes like the front crawl, breaststroke, or butterfly.
  • There are quick releases on both sides for greater safety, especially when swimming in open waters.
  • A rapid exhaust purge valve is strategically located at the bottom of the tube.