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The SEAC PIRANA MEN’S WETSUIT is a new SEAC camouflage wetsuit in polyester, with polyurethane (PU) on knees, elbows, and lower back, and a 7.0 mm chest guard in Supratex nylon 2 neoprene, to keep you protected while you're hiding between rocks.

This camouflage 2-piece wetsuit in polyester is comprised of a jacket and high-waisted pants with Spandex elastic. The jacket has a beavertail closure with a hook and loop fastener and the camouflage pattern is in green, yellow, and brown tones for stealth when on the hunt. This is the perfect suit design for spearfishing. All suit seams are sewn for strength and durability and the suit is available in multiple sizes.


  • Seac pirana freediving 2 piece wetsuit
  • Camouflage wetsuit in polyester
  • Polyurethane (PU) on knees, elbows, and lower back
  • 0 mm chest guard in supratex nylon 2 neoprene
  • A suit will keep you protected, hiding between rocks
  • 2-piece wetsuit comprised of jacket & high-waist pants with spandex elastic
  • Jacket: beavertail closure with hook & loop fastener
  • Camouflage pattern: green, yellow, and brown tones
  • Designed for stealth when on-the-hunt
  • Seams: sewn for strength and durability