• 1x Wet Wide Lens (WWL-1)
  • 1x Hard Cap for WWL-1
  • 1x Neoprene Cover
  • 1x M67 Mounting Ring
  • 1x M67 to Bayonet Mount Converter
  • 1x Padded Travel Bag for WWL-1 Lens


The WWL-1 is the highest quality wet-changeable underwater wide-angle conversion optic ever made, featuring unmatched contrast, overall sharpness, corner sharpness, and clarity. The design is truly full zoom through, allowing zoom to to be used as a tool for framing, and removable in water for close-up and macro shots.

Breakthrough Lens Design

Every Nauticam lens is a clean slate design. These optical systems are engineered entirely as underwater corrective and conversion optics, and not adaptations of in air designs. The process isnt an easy one, but the images captured by WWL-1 and previous Nauticam optical designs prove the effort is well spent.

Uncompromised Optical Quality

WWL-1 is constructed of 6 precisely ground elements of highly refractive optical glass. All internal elements are coated with a broadband anti reflective coating to keep flare and internal reflections to an absolute minimum.

Zoom to Frame

WWL-1 is a full zoom through lens, performing well through the entire zoom range of popular compacts and Micro Four Thirds systems with power zoom lenses. This feature distinguishes this lens from all others on the market, which is designed to be used at a single focal length. The ability to be used with zoom makes WWL-1 extremely versatile! A touch of zoom can be used to crop a subject in camera, or for close-up shots without removing the lens

Stunning Field of View

130 degrees of glorious wide-angle coverage, and even a bit wider if your camera system allows it! This is a field of view that sits between the popular full-frame fisheye lenses (180 degrees diagonal) and ultra wide rectilinear zooms (approximately 110 degrees). This coverage angle was targeted from the very beginning as an ideal coverage angle for a wide variety of underwater imaging scenarios. Big animals, close focus wide-angle shots of reef-dwelling creatures, and even mid-range fish portraits are all within the range of WWL-1.

Incredible Sharpness & Contrast

The cutting-edge optical design employed in WWL-1 results in extremely high overall sharpness, contrast, and edge sharpness. The design is optimized for the high-resolution sensors of today, as well as the even higher resolutions sensors of tomorrow.

Close Focus

The ability to focus close is key, and WWL-1 does amazingly well. With all compatible systems at wide angle, the lens is able to focus on the front of its dome lens element, maximizing the impact of even small subjects. Amazingly, with the Panasonic 14-42 Power Zoom, the lens is still able to focus on the front of the dome port when zoomed to full telephoto! The best macro images will always be obtained by removing WWL-1 and mounting a macro converter (such as CMC or SMC), but in a situation where that is difficult close-up shots can still be obtained without removing the wide angle conversion lens.


This mount attaches to the front of a 67mm threaded port and "converts" it to the Nauticam bayonet. A spanner tool is included for easy installation


Hard protective cover for the WWL-1 Wet Wide Lens.  Can be used with or without Buoyancy Collar attached.

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