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Return/Warranty Policies

All brand new purchases made from Splash are covered by the manufacturers warranty from defects for a specified length of time, which varies by manufacturer.   Please check your manuals and warranty cards for details.
In the event of a valid warranty claim, we will normally repair it locally and have it back working in proper condition.  In some instances, the manufacturer may require that the equipment in question be sent back to them where freight cost will be charged to your account.  We will take care of the shipping cost on the way back.

Flooding problems

Manufacturers warranty only covers the housing and not the camera installed in the housing.  Once the housing is returned to us, we will evaluate by inspecting that no damaged has been made on the housing & ports lips and supplied O-rings.  These are crucial for us to be able to determine and report to the manufacturer the situation of the problem.  We will then install supplied O-rings (main O-ring and port O-rings where applicable) and pressure test it to check for any leaks.  If no leaks occur, the assumption is that the O-rings were incorrectly installed.  It is for this reason that we request each customer to do a “dry dive” (no camera installed) with the housings first dive.  Although, manufacturer tests have been implemented, it is best to test integrity as the warranty only applies to the housing.  This also allows to practice the process of the user in installing the O-rings.

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