The Ocean Reef Aria range is available in a number of sizes to suit different ages and face shapes. The wide silicone seals means that each size can fit a wide range of users.

Refer to the size guide for visual measuring instructions but the measurements refer to the distance from the chin to the top of the nose in cm.

  • Up to 10cm - XS (kids) - Only available in the Aria JR mask
  • 10 to 11.5cm - S/M - Available in Aria QR+ and Aria masks
  • 11.5 to 12.5cm - M/L - Only available in Aria QR+ mask
  • 12.5 to 14cm - L/XL - Available in QR+ and Aria masks

Adaptability- Face Seal

The patented bellows-type skirt with a “spring profile” has a large sealing surface (30-45 mm, double that of a conventional mask). The spring effect is achieved by a combination of the double “S” section and the inner support ribs, resulting in a comfortable fit and ample support. This allows the mask to “float” comfortably on the face. The face seal and strap concepts are OCEAN REEF patents.

The majority of the models may be supplied with two sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large. In order to determine whether a diver should wear a S/M or M/L mask, OCEAN REEF has designed a Mask Measuring Kit (code 33075).

The sizing and measuring system were designed in accordance with the official measuring procedure used in the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory Charts at the SBCCOM Mask Fit Facility-Aberdeen Proving Ground (Maryland, USA). Before purchasing a mask, use the caliper to take two simple face measurements. Using the Full Face Mask Size Recommendation Chart, it is possible to evaluate the size category into which the measurements fall.

There are three different size categories on the chart: Small/Medium, Both, and Medium/Large. If the measurements fall within the both category, then the customer should technically be able to wear either size (MEDIUM/LARGE or SMALL/MEDIUM), and in that case they should try on a mask to select the best fit. Please note that the chart boundaries fade. The fading areas represent less common face measurements. It is very likely that a mask will still fit comfortably even if measurements are located in these fading areas.