Required and Recommended Services for your Equipment

I. Overview of Splash services provided for your underwater photo/video equipment.

All underwater photo–video imaging gear and scuba equipment are valuable. These require a specialized assessment based on your requirements and our specialists recommendations.


Purchase & Usage of your new gear is the most exciting & best stage of your equipment.

All recommended steps must be followed to ensure efficiency &continuous enjoyment of your underwater photo-video gear. Quick tips & techniques are freely provided and discussed in the shop during your purchase. Underwater Photo-Video Courses are conducted in scheduled sessions ranging from 3 to 7 days for optimal learning.

Scheduled services should be followed as per manufacturer recommendation. If in any event you feel that servicing is needed before recommended schedules, Splash gives free consultancy for your concerns.

Most housing manufacturers recommends an annual service, while others at 2-3 years from first use of equipment. This will vary depending on the post dive care you have given your equipment.

CRUCIAL TIP- Make it an important habit to meticulously press/rotate all your housing control knobs/levers while your equipment is submerged in fresh water. This process pushes out salt water left between the seals and the shaft. Leaving it soaked for a good 20-30 minutes or longer allows the salt water to come off the equipment.

Spot Services (as needed) maybe required for walk in customers who bring or send their equipment for checking usually a short time before a special or scheduled dive trip.

Before sending it over for evaluation, perform a simple service on your own. We suggest you clean off any grease that may have found its way to the housing controls and the camera dials as this may just do the trick in fixing non-working control.

NOTE: RUSH Service – if you need service that needs to be done in the shortest possible time, please email us with complete information and photos. We will try to do our best to get it ready when you will need it. Please note that extra charges apply for RUSH service. Please contact us by email or simply call us, we will gladly give you a free rough quote over the phone or a more accurate one if you send us a photo of the equipment in detail.

We may decline in situations where the service required is much more extensive that you think where it would not be possible for us to complete it before your scheduled use.

Upgrading your equipment is inevitable at some point when your skills grow with your passion. If you believe your equipment needs to be upgraded to match your skills, we would gladly discuss your new purchase where we will try to minimize cost on the upgrade by utilizing what you already have. If you want to sell your old equipment, we would be more than glad to advice the realistic price for it depending on its current value and condition. We will put it up on our Pre-owned section of the website and in the shop.

NOTE: We will only accept equipment for pre-owned sales provided it is not outdated and it is in good working condition. Otherwise, we will fully serviced/overhaul the equipment to ensure a happy buyer when sold.

Duration of Service – As much as we would like to predict that you will be coming in for a service that you needed yesterday… we cannot. We will do it at the soonest possible time.We suggest that you plan this in advance and not require the service a week before a major dive trip as we have to apologetically refuse the capability to give it back in time. Rush Service options are available for a reasonable fee.

II. Service Overhaul Summary

Service Overhaul Required Recommended Remarks
Scheduled Spare Parts Replacement Service fees and Manufacturer provided Overhaul Rebuild kit fee will apply.   

Additional fees for parts unseen required for proper servicing may be added for a specific part/functionality.
Religiously have the equipment serviced on an annual schedule whether it has been used or unused during the prescribed service schedule. This will ensure that the O-rings are always fresh and housing will work flawlessly.  Plan in advance your  service checks to avoid additional fees for RUSH SERVICES. All the O-rings, spacers, springs and clips are replaced with new ones.  In some cases, some parts not included from the rebuild kits are sourced & replaced to ensure that functionality is 100%.  Your camera is required to be in our shop to test all the controls of the housing on your camera.  Please note that most cameras are not made exactly the same. If you had the camera for sometime, some buttons or dials might have been off from its original position.
Electrical and Optical Connection tests Electrical contacts if any, optical sensors are also cleaned, disassembled and tested for functionality.  This  ensures that your connections, leak sensors, TTL cables, fiber optic assemblies are working fine. 
Disassembly & Assembly Total disassembly of your housing, strobes, video lights, etc where all the accumulated salt, sand and dirt are removed in all areas of the equipment in the holes, shafts, knobs and levers.  This ensures that the flat spaces where the O-ring sits will seal well and have smooth functionality.
Integrity Tests (Pressure Chamber Tests) Charged within or even lower than market current pricing. After all the equipment is reassembled, it is tested in  our pressure chamber based on the manufacturers recommended depth capability usually ranging from 60 meters up to 250 m/825ft
Aesthetic look Scratches and dings cannot be repaired locally.  This may be done in some instances by the manufacturer, but recommended  due to high costs of service.  ** See Replace & resell With proper maintenance,  equipment usually endure and retain a first day appealing look or close to how you enjoyed it during the first time you acquired your equipment.   The cosmetic look of the gear such as scratches, marks, fading color is done through the manufacturer. The cost refurbish the aesthetic look is expensive.  You are better off getting a new one instead.
Final Ok – Assuming the serviced equipment will pass all tests, the customer is advised to pick up the equipment serviced and do a dry dive first (no camera in housing) to at least 20 meters (2 ATM) to press all controls, rotate all dials as we cannot do this while the equipment is inside the chamber.  This way, if something fails, we can still fix the housing for you without risking your camera.  Service Warranty only covers for the housing integrity.


III. Service Appendix & Agreements:

Annual Service Manufacturer Recommended Service – If you have read the manual, which is often neglected, the manufacturer will usually recommend 1,2 or 3 years of use before a service is required.  We suggest you follow this, to avoid mishaps, accidents or plainly said a “FLOOD”.  Common sense is highly recommended; if the controls seem sluggish or controls are stuck even before the period of recommended service schedule, we suggest you come in or schedule an inspection.  Splash doesn’t charge for friendly consultations & initial inspections.
WARRANTY SERVICE In the event you have a problem with a recent purchase from us, please do let us know immediately and we will gladly help you out.  We will repair it free of charge as long as you have a copy of your proof of purchase (or by email); it is during the warranty period and does not show abuse.   In the event that we agree that it is a manufacturing defect and cannot be remedied locally, please do not ask us to replace you with a new unit, as we obviously cannot make decisions on that, not until the manufacturer warrants it covered.  This means, we have to return it to the manufacturer, which will take a few days for freighting.   Bear with us on this.  We happen to be in the Philippines and not all rules around the world work here.
Freight forwarding Services If you are unable to bring your equipment in for checking and estimate, you may send it using courier service locally and include pre-paid freight on the way back.  If you are located internationally, please pre-pay freight to/back and other fees in advance, as we will have to reject your equipment unless otherwise pre-advised.  We will not be liable for loss of your equipment at the courier storage arising from us not accepting it.

Please pack your equipment properly to ensure that it will be protected during the duration of the trip and provide necessary insurance claims from your side as a smart precaution.
Service Parts We don’t take risks in guessing if we can use cheap replacement parts by buying available rubber O-rings at the hardware.  We only use manufacturer provided rebuild silicone O-ring kits when we implement the service.  O-rings maybe simple, but the manufacturer painstakingly studied the compression rates and sizes to get optimal function.  We just get the parts from them directly and don’t have to research on it and guess. 
Service quote and Payment We do not charge for a service quote, it is absolutely free of charge.  Please contact us by email or simply call us, we will gladly give you a free rough quote over the phone (when applicable) or send us a photo of the equipment in detail.  If your quote request entails disassembly of the full unit, for example a flooded strobe, we will return it to you disassembled if you choose not to continue with the service.
Unclaimed Equipment If you have forgotten or chose to leave us equipment that we have completely serviced. We will sell it off at a price we choose to recover costs incurred within 30 days from the time we advised you that it’s ready for pick up or sending. In the event you cannot advise SPLASH before the deadline, we will understand if you email us or let us know in the time suitable for you by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SMS, Face time.