Why Buy from Splash?


AFTER SALES SERVICE COMPETENCE - Before buying your gear, make sure that you are buying from a professional establishment who are manufacturer trained to provide after sales service such as product repair and service overhauls.

ALL UNDERWATER GEAR NEEDS TO BE SERVICED AT LEAST (1) ONCE A YEAR. Manufacturer recommended schedules will vary. There are no exceptions on servicing as this is the only way to avoid COSTLY FLOODINGS.When in doubt, send in your gear for checking to verify if a service is necessary or not.

CAPABILITY TO PROVIDE PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT CONSULTATION - Actual buying of gears should only start when you actually understand what you are about to buy which can be provided by a practicing and knowledgeable PRO-SHOP WHERE FUTURE PROOFING your equipment should be the guiding thought in making decisions. Future proofing ensures that most of your purchased gear will be useable in the event of a camera or housing upgrade.



WE STOCK PRODUCTS for the brands that we carry and those that we believe are great to use underwater. For underwater housings, we stock camera models that are within 18 months from the original date of launching. Exceptions may be made for specific housings where they have an exceptional demand from our customers. Housings not on stock can be made available within 1-2 weeks depending on manufacturer availability. Other accessories, such as strobes, video lights and accessories are always on stock.

WE PROVIDE LOCAL SERVICING on certified product repair & custom jobs for the all the products that we carry. We also provide service & repair for products that were not purchased directly from us or thru our dealers with an acceptance fee. We also provide  LOCAL SERVICING FOR PRODUCTS PURCHASED THRU OUR OFFICIAL DEALERS.  We service ALL THE BRANDS that we carry locally be it underwater housings, strobes (flash), video lights and all accessories.

WE WILL REFUSE AFTER SALES SERVICE ONLY WHEN the product is not purchased thru our official dealers where the product in questions is still  UNDER WARRANTY.  This is because you will have to SEND THE PRODUCT BACK TO COUNTRY OF MANUFACTURER.

WE ACCEPT WARRANTY CLAIMS AND WARRANTY REPAIRS LOCALLY* where all services are provided in the Philippines.  We do not believe in sending product back to the manufacturing country as it usually entails costly freight.

*Exceptions for local warranty claim & repair maybe required for products where manufacturer does not allow local implementation.

WE DO PRODUCT TESTS on new products before we start selling them. We do this by doing actual underwater field tests and provide reviews for customers to use for buying decisions. Products that do not pass our tests or our liking are not stocked for sales. Special orders maybe made for such products provided that the customer understands why we do not endorse it.

WE ARE A DEDICATED UNDERWATER PHOTO-VIDEO PRO-SHOP that consults, sells and provide after sales services.