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Not all SplitFins are the same. Atomic SplitFins has a flexible blade designed with Propeller-Fin™ technology so kicks feel very easy and slice through the water with very little drag. Even fish envy SplitFins when divers efficiently swim with more propulsion and less effort. And that means less air consumption.


Conventional paddle fins work by pushing water rearward. In contrast, the SplitFin slices through the water with two wing-shaped surfaces, creating lift and forward propulsion more like a propeller. Any water traveling over the top of the blade is funneled into and out of the opening (split) between the blades. Drag is reduced, the effort is reduced and efficiency is increased. Atomic SplitFins use Propeller-Fin™ Technology to deliver ultra-high speeds with a small-range rapid flutter kick, much like a boat propeller accelerates it to higher speeds.


SplitFins are incredibly easy to kick. In fact, they may “feel” so easy that you wonder if you are moving. Don’t worry, you’re probably going just as fast as you did with your old fins, but with much less effort. Although Split-Fins work with a variety of kicking styles, a smaller range, more frequent flutter kick delivers maximum performance. The flutter kick also keeps your legs within the slipstream of your body profile effectively reducing drag. Less drag means more speed with less effort.


  • Power Rails The highly resilient power rails perform as the backbone of the splitfin, storing and releasing energy with every kick. Proprietary and exclusive to Atomic Aquatics, this material will not deteriorate or lose its resiliency.
  • Flex Pattens Semi-rigid battens set in the soft elastomeric blade control the precise wing shape to optimize thrust and reduce drag.
  • Split Blade The split blade deflects with the slightest kick to form a pair of wings that slice through the water with reduced drag, propelling you forward.
  • High Surface Ratio Blade Large surface area blade improved pivoting, turning and alternate kicking styles.
  • Hinge Points Thin, yet strong and highly flexible hinge points between the semi-rigid battens cause the blade to react quickly and efficiently to the slightest kick.
  • Anatomically Correct Foot Pocket Contoured to fit your foot without stress points, with semi-open toe for added comfort.
  • Power Plate Internal sole plate creates a rigid platform beneath the foot for greater power transfer to the blade yet allows a soft, comfortable foot pocket.
  • EZ-LOK Buckle System Totally new, patented buckle system design features easy, one-handed quick release of the buckle from the fin. Re-attachment is simple and secure. U.S. Patent #6,463,640.