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The Atomic Aquatics SplitFins 'Smoke on the Water' uses a comparably lightweight compound with high energy characteristics to lower energy use and increase efficiency. The 'Smoke on the Water' is the only version of Atomic split fins to be fitted with their advanced spring straps as standard.

Atomic Aquatics Split fins are the perfect balance between a lightweight, soft, a short split fin that is easy to kick with but require many kicks to produce the same level of thrust and a stiff compound with a long blade length far too much effort to produce effective propulsion. Atomic Aquatics has optimized all these variables to produce an easy kicking, high thrust fin that delivers speed and efficiency.

Split fins are designed to mimic nature. To do this several features need to be designed into the blade of the fin.

  • The outer rails provide the main structure and rigidity, storing and releasing the energy
  • Semi-rigid panels in the blade provide designers with control over how the blade flexes and changes shape during the kicking cycle, allowing precise wing shape.
  • The split blade allows the fin to form a pair of wings to cut through water to reduce drag which effectively drags the diver forward.
  • A high surface area improves directional control
  • Strong but flexible joints between the semi-rigid panels allow the blade to react far quicker to each kicking movement
  • The position and shape of the foot pocket provides a stress-free fit

But Atomic's innovative design doesn't stop there, the humble spring strap has also been improved upon. Rather than using a single shape and diameter, Atomic Aquatics has adopted and changed pitch and geometry to allow varied strength and resistance throughout the strap, creating a more custom and comfortable fit.


  • Length : 620mm
  • Pair Weight: 2.28kg
  • Blade Type Split
  • Dive Fin Type Scuba Fins
  • Dive Type Scuba
  • Fin Heel Type Open Heel
  • Fin Length 00 mm
  • Strap Type Spring
  • Weight 228 g