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The VENOM FRAMELESS is incredibly comfortable with low-volume, hydrodynamic construction and exclusive Atomic “Wicked” styling. Co-molded with two silicone materials in two levels of softness and features the exclusive Atomic UltraClear lens. It will change the way you think about dive masks.


  • Co-Molded Silicone

Two different hardness silicone materials are co-molded together to form the mask skirt which is bonded directly to the glass, eliminating the need for a frame and providing maximum viewing area.

  • New Face Seal Geometry

New special geometry of the face seal is optimized to take full advantage of the UltraSoft silicone material.

  • “Gummi Bear UltraSoft” Face Seal

Provides an incredibly soft and accommodating face seal for all kinds of faces.

  • Rigid Silicone Skirt

Also soft but won’t collapse, distort, or fold under pressure or in turbulent conditions. Keeps the skirt centered on the face for a reliable seal.