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AUDAXPRO TRAVEL 15 BCD is a lightweight BCD designed for those divers who often travel by plane and do not want to renounce Audaxpro's high quality and comfort.

TRAVEL, with its 12 lively color options and its 4 bi-color combinations, is the ideal buoyancy compensator for your holiday. The BCD textile is so delicate that you do not have to wear diving gear. Moreover, you do not need extra space in your suitcase, because you can carry TRAVEL in its own comfortable practical bag.

T.M.S. (Technical Modular System)

  • Adjustable BCD according to the type of immersion
  • An adjustable harness according to your physical shape
  • Compatible components with those of any other Audaxpro jacket
  • Possibility of equipment upgrading with extra accessories


  • HT polyester and 2,5-mm pre-compressed expanded polystyrene harness
  • Adjustable while wearing
  • Adjustable ventral belt
  • Replaceable ventral belt
  • Nylon fastener for ventral belt closing
  • Adjustable inguinal belt
  • Fixing supports for accessories
  • Nylon 210 fixing support inflator
  • HT polyester handle for transport
  • 12 nylon D-rings
  • 1 stainless steel fixing screw
  • 4 stainless steel grommets
  • Anatomical padding
  • 1 big back strip to fix the tank (mono, 110 cm) with rubber grip
  • 1 little Velcro strap to fix the tank (bi-tank, 150 cm)


  • 2 overpressure and rapid-discharge valves
  • Outer bladder made of nylon 210
  • Textane A/B 210 inner bladder
  • Replaceable inner bladder (if necessary) with zipping
  • HT Polyester strip with 2 stainless steel grommets
  • 6 latex rings (3×8) for adjusting and filling the inflator