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  • Three stages of an irradiation angle

A snout adapter that realizes a super spot beam with an irradiation angle of 10 degrees is standard equipment. It is possible to irradiate only the subject with pinpoint and reduce the reflection of suspended matter. By removing the parts it is 15 degrees and the light main body alone is 25 degrees, choose your favorite beamwidth.

  • Irradiation angle 10 degrees
  • Angle of irradiation 15 degrees
  • Angle of irradiation 25 degrees
  • Ultra-slim body

The diameter is only 31 mm. The slim body that is familiar with hands is not only for macro photography but also as a pointer for searchlight and dive diving where high mobility is required.

  • Easy operation of one button

Maximum light intensity 350 lumens. Adopt a push-button type switch at the back of the main unit. It is possible to adjust the light amount by 100%, 50%, 25% with one finger.

  • Color wheel compatible

It corresponds to the optional "FIX MG color wheel set". Producing various color effects with seven color filters.

  • Pinpoint color effect

Various lighting is possible with seven colors of red, pink, orange, yellow, green, light yellow, blue. The possibility of drawing further expands such as coloring of only a part of the frame as well as the effect of the subject itself.

  • Rotation in the water

The wheel has three kinds of filter holders with lenses different in thickness, namely, irradiation angles of 4 degrees, 7 degrees, and 10 degrees, and can be switched by rotating them. Also supports snout adapter installation.


  • Maximum light intensity - 350 lumens
  • Underwater irradiation angle - Approximately 10 degrees (snout attachment), about 15 degrees (snout attachment), about 25 degrees (main body only)
  • Continuous lighting time - About 180 minutes at a maximum light intensity
  • Land on light - Yes
  • Battery capacity - 26650 Li-ion 5,000 mAh (accessory)
  • Charging time - 4 hours
  • Body material - Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
  • Pressure Depth - 100 m
  • Size - φ31 x L 209 mm
  • Land weight - 230 g (with snout attachment), 180 g (main body only)
  • Underwater weight - 114 g (when snoot is worn), 70 g (main body only)
  • Accessories
    • Li-ion battery, charger, snout adapter, YS base, strap, spare O ring, O ring remover, O ring grease