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  • Maximum light quantity: 1000 lumen (wide) / 600 lumens (spot) / 50 lumens (red)
  • Underwater coverage angle: 100 degrees (wide) / 30 degrees (spot) / 100 degrees (red)
  • Color temperature: 6000-6500K
  • Continuous lighting time: 90 minutes at maximum light amount (wide) / 100 minutes (spot) / 180 minutes (red)
  • Availability on land: Allowable (light amount 25% or less)
  • charging time: 4 hours
  • Supplied battery capacity: 100 mAh
  • Body material: Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, reinforced resin
  • Withstand pressure depth: 100 m
  • size: φ38 x L141 mm
  • Land weight: 159 g
  • Underwater weight: 55 g

Multi-coverage light

The slim body is equipped with a wide light of 1,000 lumens maximum, and spotlight of 600 lumens, and red light which is effective for observation and shooting of light-sensitive organisms.

SWR (Spot/Wide/Red)

Spot: Angle of coverage approx. 30 degrees (upper right)

Wide: Angle of coverage approx. 100 degrees (upper left)

Red: Angle of coverage approx. 100 degrees (middle)

Automatically turns off with Flash

FS model is equipped with a "strobe light automatic turning-off mode" that automatically turns off after sensing strobe light and turns on again after 1 second. Especially red light effective for creatures that are sensitive to light is optimal as a focus light because color fog does not occur due to automatic extinguishment.

Micro USB charging

FIX One of the features of the NEO Mini series, adopting the charging method with a micro USB cable. Easily charge from mobile batteries and PC.

Built-in LED display of residual capacity

  • Normal mode:

Solid green when fully charged, red lit with half of the battery remaining, and blinking red 10 minutes ago

  • Strobe light auto extinguishing mode:

Flashing green with a full charge, red/yellow with half the battery Blinking, blinking red 10 minutes ago