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This mantra is the driving force behind the Gates family of ports. The finest underwater images simply require the finest optics. While this may seem obvious, poor optical design and materials introduce compromises -- distortions, low resolution, and ultimately inferior images.

With Gates ports, the days of compromises are over. Our premium line of Precision Ports won’t limit the capabilities of your camera. Sharp, clear, and virtually free of image-killing distortions they represent the finest optics available for underwater imaging. 

Professional to amateur, super wide to macro, the Gates family of ports represents a variety of features and optical designs to suit a wide range of needs, conditions, and experiences. Of course, all ports are backed by our legendary customer support and the same standard of excellence expected of all Gates products.

These are the available ports for Big Housing:

Flat Port

Capturing the world of small requires a macro port, which can reveal amazing colors and behaviors of tiny underwater critters. Macro imaging starts at subjects about 1.5 in / 38 mm and smaller. Gates offers a Flat Port for use with diopters to expose diminutive reef dwellers.

Gates FP44

    • This port is for housings with a 4.4" port opening

Gates FP80

    • This port is for housings with an 8.0" Deep red port opening

Standard Port

Gates Standard Ports (sometimes called a dome port) are optically corrected to provide a normalized view of the underwater world. That is, they compensate for distortions or magnifications inherent to the underwater realm so the camera view below water is almost exactly that above water.

Gates Acrylic SP80

    • This acrylic port is for housings with an 8.0" Deep Red port opening

Gates Glass SP80

    • This glass port is for housings with an 8.0" Deep Red port opening

Gates SP44

    • This port is for housings with a 4.4" port opening

Precision Super Wide SWP44C

Hi-Resolution, distortion-free images with 120° FOV and full zoom capability.


  • Performance – Up to 120° wide FOV with full zoom through capability for macro subjects.
  • HD tested and qualified – for the finest HD images possible.
  • Distortion-free – for clear, sharp images from corner to corner.
  • Reflection-free – no image-destroying flare or reflections.
  • Vignette-free – means no cutoff dark corners to ruin an image.
  • Use in Air and Water – and for air/water split shots.
  • High-grade optical glass elements – for sharp, crystal clear high-resolution images.
  • SiO2 AR Coating– is durable and efficient for max light transmission.
  • Nitrogen purged/vacuum sealed optics – means no dust or condensation inside.