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The Hollis F1 LT Fins are the lightweight and more compact version of the Hollis F1 Fin. The new SEBS material (Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene - just in case you were wondering) combined with the shorter blade length makes LT version more maneuverable in confined spaces. Like the original F1 the F1 LT still uses the single-piece mould that creates a tought and reliable fin that produces a lot of propulsion

The traditional paddle design is upgraded with the vents at the end of the foot pocket that are designed to reduce both stress and drag during your fin kick. The F1 LT fins are fitted with stainless steel spring straps that allow easy fitting but also have the added bonus of being adjustable by releasing and re-positioning a nut and bolt on either side to achieve the desired fit


  • Lightweight SEBS compound
  • Short blade for easier finning in confined spaces
  • Angled strap mounts for comfort & a better transition of power
  • Spring heel straps with easy-grip heel tab
  • Multiple strap mounting positions for a fine tuned fit
  • Vented blade reduces stress while accelerating water over blade
  • Generous foot pocket


  • Small - 4/6
  • Regular - 7/9
  • Extra Large - 10/12
  • Extra Extra Large - 13/15