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Capture shots of coral reefs, parrotfish, and humpback whales with various wide-angle and zoom lenses in IKELITE DL 8 INCH DOME PORT, which has a depth rating of 200'. It accommodates many different lenses, including Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Tokina, and Rokinon models ranging from 8 to 105mm in focal length. The port is designed to be mounted onto Ikelite DSLR and mirrorless camera housings that have the Dry Lock mount. Additionally, it can be combined with DL extensions to allow for the use of long lenses.

The clear dome magnifies images to a lesser degree than a flat port does, and corrects for the underwater distortion that makes things appear 25% larger and closer--thus helping to restore a wide-angle of view. Built for durability, the port is made in the USA from acrylic and acetyl plastic. Protruding edges on the top and bottom act as a built-in shade, shielding the front element from excess light to prevent glare and lens flare.