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Capture brilliant images of the aquatic world with IKELITE UNDERWATER HOUSING 200DL FOR SONY ALPHA A7 III, A7R III, A9 with Dry Lock Port Mount, which has a depth rating of 200'. An Ikelite bulkhead with a manual hot shoe connection enables reliable electrical triggering of optional external strobes via sync cords. The use of an optional TTL hot shoe and converter will allow for TTL operation with compatible Ikelite DS strobes; non-Ikelite strobes will still work in manual mode only.


  • 200' (60m) depth rating
  • Compatible with DL system lens ports
  • Controls are provided for all important camera controls; Controls are not provided for the Diopter adjustment dial, Multi-selector, Media slot cover switch, Control wheel, Focus mode dial; Focus mode dial lock release button
  • 1/4-20 thread base mounts with 3.5" spacing
  • Near neutral buoyancy in freshwater
  • Actual buoyancy varies depending on the choice of lens and port
  • 0 lb (2.3 kg
  • 9 x 7.2 x 6.5" (229 x 183 x 168 mm)

Construction Details

  • Two double-passivated, stainless steel locking latches are corrosion resistant and virtually unbreakable
  • Housing is made by hand in the USA from a corrosion-resistant polycarbonate and ABS plastic blend
  • White on the front, top, sides, and bottom to reflect sunlight and keep the camera cool when shooting on or above the water's surface
  • Clear in the back to allow you to monitor the O-ring seal and maintain your view of the camera's rear controls
  • Housing alone has nearly neutral buoyancy in freshwater, though your choice of lens and port may change the overall buoyancy of the system
  • Open-groove design suspends the rear O-ring in the natural position, making maintenance easier and preventing accidental twisting or stretching
  • Front-loading mounting plate enables quick camera installation and does not need to be removed in order for you to gain battery or memory card access
  • The mounting plate has a 1/4"-20 threaded hole on the bottom for connection to an optional tripod

Strobe Connection and Operation

  • Use of an optional external strobe is highly recommended for color correction and adequate brightness, and basically essential once you descend deeper than 15-20' underwater
  • Strobe restores hues that are absorbed by the water, so your images are vibrant and accurate
  • Try to stay no more than 3-4' away from your subject to preserve natural colors in images
  • Ikelite ICS-5 bulkhead connector with a manual hot shoe connection enables reliable electrical triggering of strobes
  • Optional TTL hot shoe and converter, e.g., Ikelite's ST1K Sony Alpha TTL Kit, will enable TTL operation with compatible Ikelite DS strobes, which use the #4103.51 Single and #4103.52 Dual Sync Cords
  • Non-Ikelite strobes, such as those from Sea & Sea, INON, and Retra, will still work in manual mode only and can be connected via #4118.1 Single and #4118.2 Dual Sync Cords
  • Older non-digital strobes can be used in manual mode via #4103.51 Single and #4103.52 Dual Cords
  • Housing ships without a required sync cord for a strobe
  • Bulkhead has been moved to the top of the enclosure to keep the cord out of your way and reduce strain on the ends
  • Ikelite's #4403 Optical Slave Converter and Aquatica's Water Wizard system are available options that will let you trigger wireless slave strobes
  • Exposure compensation is available via the camera's controls

Controls and Handling

  • Sensitive shutter and AF-On levers are curved and extendable, in order to increase comfort when using the optional right-hand grip
  • Push buttons have been modified to reduce weight and salt buildup
  • Upgraded soft-touch knobs, including the zoom knob on the side, allow for a better, more comfortable grip with or without gloves
  • Ergonomic, mechanical pushbuttons, knobs, and levers afford access to all camera functions except for the diopter adjustment dial, multi-selector, focus mode dial / lock-release button, and media slot cover switch
  • Control symbols are etched into the back of the housing with lasers, so they won't fade or fall off with time
  • Control placement is as close as possible to the layout of functions on the camera, allowing your muscle memory to guide you, so you don't have to learn another set of controls
  • The LCD monitor can be tilted during camera installation to give you a better viewing angle
  • Super eye Viewfinder enhances your view through the camera's OVF when you're wearing a mask
  • You can remove the Supereye quickly if you'd like to attach the optional Straight or 45° Magnified Viewfinder instead
  • A hard-anodized aluminum tray with a left-hand quick-release grip improves balance and handling while offering an attachment point for an optional lighting arm
  • The optional right-hand grip can be added easily
  • 1/4"-20 mounts and other mounting points enable connection to a tripod and the addition of accessories
  • The tray is more than 3/4 lb lighter than Ikelite's previous model
  • Housing is a 1/2 lb lighter than its FL-mount counterpart
  • Another 1/4"-20 threaded mount is located front and center on the housing above the port mount, allowing for the attachment of focus light, GoPro action camera, or other lightweight pieces of equipment
  • Spare 1/2-20 threaded port on top of the enclosure allows for the addition of various accessories
  • Optional Cable Grip or Aluminum Top Handle can be added for easier carrying if you're using 2 strobes

Lens Ports

  • Ships without a required lens port
  • Accepts all Ikelite Dry Lock (DL) dome and flat ports, enabling you to shoot with a wide variety of lenses
  • Zoom and focus gears are available for many lenses
  • DL port system accommodates lenses with large diameters
  • Provides added security against leaks at the surface, thanks in large part to the included vacuum valve that helps you check watertight integrity before the dive
  • Removal of excess air to create a vacuum requires #47011 Pump with Gauge
  • DL mount can be removed and replaced by the older FL (Four Lock) port locks, though this change would be irreversible unless you sent the housing back to Ikelite to have the DL mount installed again