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You can capture brilliant images of coral reefs, whale sharks, and more at depths as great as 200', thanks to IKELITE UNDERWATER HOUSING FOR PANASONIC LUMIX LX10, LX15. Dual fiber-optic ports enable the attachment of optional external strobes via cables. Mechanical push-buttons, dials and a lever afford access to all camera functions except for the flash-open lever; however, the flash may be used inside the housing to trigger external strobes via the fiber-optic connection.

Construction Details

  • Depth rating: 200'
  • Made from a durable, corrosion-resistant polycarbonate and acrylic blend
  • White on the front, top, sides, and bottom to reflect sunlight and keep the camera cool when shooting on or above water's surface
  • Clear in the back to allow you to monitor the O-ring seal and camera
  • Two double-passivated, stainless steel locking latches are virtually unbreakable and make it easy to open and close the housing
  • Rear O-ring seal design and placement prevent accidental twisting or stretching, and eliminate the need for a groove that can trap sand, dirt, or debris
  • 1/2-20 threaded accessory port on the side of the housing allows for the easy installation of an optional Vacuum Kit (#47012), which will allow you to confirm the integrity of the watertight seal before diving
  • The camera is installed and removed through the front of the housing
  • The mounting plate allows for secure camera placement and does not need to be removed for you to access the battery compartment or memory card slot
  • The mounting plate has a 1/4"-20 threaded hole for connection to a tripod

Controls and Handling

  • Mechanical push-buttons, dials and a lever afford access to all camera functions except for the flash-open lever
  • The camera's flash may be used inside the housing to trigger external strobes via fiber-optic cables
  • Shutter lever features Ikelite's updated design, which has made it more sensitive and ergonomic than the levers on many previous housings
  • Optional Shutter Trigger Extension (#4077.93) can be added on to allow for easy shutter activation without removing your hand from a grip
  • Redesigned push-buttons are even lighter in weight than the previously existing ones, and are also less prone to salt buildup
  • Laser-engraved control symbols on the back of the housing won't come off or fade with time

Lens Port

  • Built-in glass port with a flat front element and 3.0" diameter accommodates and protects the camera's lens
  • Features 67mm threads for attaching external wide-angle and macro wet lenses or color-correction filters
  • Wide-angle lenses increase your angle of coverage, allowing you to get close to your subject while fitting more in the frame
  • Macro lenses enable extreme close-ups with great clarity and detail, so you can fill the whole frame with a tiny sea creature
  • Both types of accessory conversion lenses cut down on distortion caused by the water, resulting in better image quality
  • Ikelite WD-3 Wide-Angle Dome provides mid-range coverage with no vignetting
  • Ikelite W-30, INON UWL-H100, and other 67mm wide-angle options offer wider coverage, but not without a little vignetting and edge distortion
  • By using a smaller aperture, zooming in slightly, and/or cropping in post-production, vignetting and distortion can be reduced or eliminated
  • Available macro lenses include those from INON, Epoque, and other brands
  • When not using an external strobe, attach an optional, external color-correction filter for blue or green water to your port, in order to restore hues that are absorbed beneath the surface
  • 0" filters can be pressed directly onto the port; a larger 3.6" size may be required when fitting filters onto wide-angle wet lenses

Strobe Connection and Operation

  • The camera's built-in flash is not suitable for illuminating shots underwater but can be used to trigger optional external strobes that have greater range, coverage, power, and color-correcting capability
  • Dual fiber-optic ports enable direct connection to many strobes and will allow for the use of Ikelite DS strobes via the Fiber-Optic Converter (#4401.1) and Fiber-Optic Cord (#4501)
  • Compatible with the following additional cables: INON Optical D Cable with "non-wireless type" L-connector, Sea & Sea L-type F.O. cable (#50107), Sea & Sea F.O. Cable II (#50128), Olympus UW F.O. Cable (PTCB-E02), Nauticam-to-INON Optical Fiber Cable (#26211), Nauticam-to-Sea & Sea Optical Fiber Cable (#26212)