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Capture clear, detailed images of coral, sharks, and more at depths as great as 200', thanks to this updated version of IKELITE UNDERWATER HOUSING FOR SONY CYBER-SHOT RX100 MARK III, IV, V, V (A). Two ports for optional Ikelite, Sea & Sea, or Olympus-type fiber-optic cables enable the connection of external strobes. Large, ergonomic mechanical controls, including knurled knobs, a newly added shutter lever, a dial, and push-buttons, provide access to all camera functions except for the flash and viewfinder switches. In addition to the improved shutter lever, the housing offers better zoom control than the previous model.


  • Weight 2.6 lb (1180 g)
  • Dimensions 6.8 x 5 x 5.4 in (173 x 127 x 137 mm)


  • Can be safely used at a maximum depth of 200'/ 60m
  • Simply close the two double-passivated, stainless steel locking latches, and see the
  • O-ring form a solid watertight seal
  • Designed, constructed by hand, and tested in the USA
  • Made of a white ABS/polycarbonate blend, which is still corrosion-resistant but also reflects sunlight to keep your camera cooler when shooting at or above the water's surface
  • Back plate is made of clear polycarbonate to allow you to monitor O-ring seal and maintain full view of camera
  • Slide-in, front-loading design for quick and easy setup
  • A 1/2-20 size accessory port has been added for installation of optional vacuum valve to allow you to confirm watertight integrity before diving


  • Large, ergonomic mechanical controls, including knurled knobs, dials, push-buttons, and an improved shutter lever on the side, provide access to all camera functions except for the flash switch and viewfinder switch
  • Spring-loaded rear control dial
  • Bright red push-button for video recording
  • Sensitive lever makes it easy to half-press the shutter for focusing and metering
  • All rear controls are clearly marked with laser engravings
  • The housing is configured with a 1/4"-20 thread with 3.0" spacing for the mounting of an optional tray with single or dual handles, which will provide improved balance and handling, as well as quick-release attachment points for lighting arms
  • Camera's built-in Wi-Fi allows you to download photos to another device without removing the camera from the housing
  • Wi-Fi can only be used above water in close proximity to the connected device
  • Older RX100 Mark I and Mark II cameras are not usable in this housing due to differences in lens and control placement


  • Built-in, flat glass lens port has a 3.0" diameter
  • It accepts optional, external wide-angle and macro add-on lenses with 67mm diameter threads for an increased field of view or extreme close-up shots with better clarity and detail, respectively
  • Both types of lenses will enable you to get closer to your subjects, cutting down on the amount of water between you and them to reduce distortion
  • The recommended Ikelite W30 and INON UWL-H100 wide-angle lenses provide notable edge sharpness with minimal vignetting, which can be eliminated altogether by zooming in slightly, using a smaller aperture, or cropping in the editing stage
  • Ikelite WD-3 Wide Angle Dome provides medium angle of coverage with no vignetting
  • Add optional color-correction filters to restore colors that get absorbed by the water
  • Filter #6441.41 for blue water and 6441.81 for green water are available


  • Housing is equipped with two ports for Ikelite, Sea & Sea, INON, Nauticam, or Olympus-type fiber-optic cables
  • Compatible with the following cables: Ikelite 4501 Fiber Optic Coiled Cord, INON L-type Optical D Cable, Sea & Sea 50107 L-type Fiber Optic Cable, Olympus PTCB-E02 UW Fiber Optic Cable, Nauticam-to-INON 26211 Optical Fiber Cable, and Nauticam-to-Sea & Sea 26212 Optical Fiber Cable
  • Camera's built-in flash cannot illuminate subject from within housing but is used to trigger external strobes, which provide greater illumination, color accuracy, and vibrancy, while virtually eliminating backscatter, glare, and hard shadows
  • Ikelite DS strobes may be connected using the optional Fiber Optic Converter # 4401.1 and Fiber Optic Cord # 4501