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Extraordinary compact optional dome specifically designed to use with UWL-95 C24 wide conversion lens delivering underwater view angle approx. 141° when using with 1.0-type large sensor camera.

The Dome Lens Unit IIIG uses a multicoated optical glass lens offering high-quality images in any shooting conditions.

 Both Dome Lens Unit IIIA/Dome Lens Unit IIIG have optical multicoated dome element which effectively suppresses flare/ghost even shooting in bright and clear water delivering a sharp image with stable contrast. Installing this super wide option on the UWL-95 C24 increases underwater view angle up to approx. 141° and stretches focus range having minimum focusing distance of 0cm to get subject on the lens surface in focus. Superior ultra-wide dome lens suitable to use for a wide variety of shooting conditions not only shooting wide seascape but wide macro imaging as well.

 The Dome Lens Unit IIIA and the Dome Lens Unit IIIG use the same lens barrel making it possible to install other dome material when necessary (like when replacing damaged original dome material).

*The Dome Lens Unit IIIA/G has to be used with the UWL-95 C24 series lens underwater and is not usable as standalone.


  • Outer diameter φ124.8 mm/4.9 in
  • Length 8 mm/1.9 in
  • Weight [air] Approx.372 g/13.1oz
  • Compatible lens INON UWL-95 C24 series
  • Depth rating 60 m/196.9 ft
  • Material Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, PC etc.
  • Surface finishing Rigid black alumite
  • Glass/coating Optical glass/anti-reflection coating (inner surface)
  • angle of view[underwater](*3) Approx. 141°

 (*3) When combined with the UWL-95 C24 series wide conversion lens.