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INON's unique Arca-Swiss system "Quick Shoe System" at five locations provides secure and reliable installation without any rattle and speedy and easy separation of component parts. Underwater, the Grip Base D-PRO dramatically increases the lighting options while it serves as a space-saving solution on land benefitting you with comfortable and budget-friendly transportation.


Dimensions (W x H x D)

375.6 x 205.1 x 96.7 mm/14.8 x 8.1 x 3.8 inch


[air] 835 g/1.8 lb, [u/w] Approx. 553 g/1.2 lb

Material/surface finishing

Corrosion resisting aluminum alloy/rigid alumite etc.



  • Quick Shoe Main Base
  • Quick Shoe L-Type Bracket
  • 4X Quick Shoe W27 Set
  • 2X D5 Holder
  • 2X D5 Lanyard Plate
  • 2X Direct Base III

The "Quick Shoe" clamp is equipped with a handle having a locking mechanism that visually indicates LOCK/UNLOCK status. The green display indicates LOCK status showing the clamp is in user mode, and the red display indicates UNLOCK status showing the clamp is in installation/removal mode.

Having the "Quick Shoe L-Type Bracket" which can be attached on a housing with 12-52 mm/0.5-2.0 inch tripod screw hole spacing enables to change the camera to a vertical position without altering the lighting.