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A filter of LE series LED flashlight is an optical grade acrylic fly-eye lens carrying high transmittance. The fly-eye lens consists of many small lenses like compound multifaceted eyes of insects and diffuses light sources to illuminate a subject evenly. The advantage of the fly-eye lens over a general translucent diffuser panel for a lighting device is its high diffusional efficiency to widen beam coverage with less attenuation.

Orange Filter

  • Provides natural color tone to a certain level by easing unnatural color tone including being yellowish particularly observed where shooting only with LED flashlight and subject is relatively close to the light source.

White Filter

  • Effectively diffuse LED flashlight to provide natural and seamless wide LED light (approx. 50° with LE250 / LE240, 65° with LE550-S, and 60° with LE700-S Type2 / LE700-S / LE350 Type2 / LE350) which is ideal as a close range fill-in light for photography.