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Inon has further improved its Inon line of popular strobes with the new Inon S-220, which is set to replace the S2000. The strobe features its "fly-eye" diffusion surface inside the dome port to minimize and suppress light distribution. In addition, it also makes a wide light dispersion for its integrated focus light.

With an enhanced Guide Number of 22, as in the Inon S2000, but with compact size, and increased performance. Also with improved operability - Large wheel dial and phosphorescent panel for effortless control. Minimize flooding risks with dual O-rings for optimal safety.


  • Dimensions (diameter x length): 77.4mm x 128.5mm / 3.0in x 5.1i
  • S-TTL Auto with a 12-step Manual flash modes
  • EV Controller to finely tune S-TTL Auto exposure
  • Variety bayonet mount filters to enhance creativity
  • Operates on four AA batteries
  • Compatible with a wide range of Inon arms and cables