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Compact and lightweight straight-type viewfinder supporting full-frame DSLR. Using a large prism to minimize light attenuation makes it possible to see every corner of the camera’s viewfinder image clearer and brighter despite eye position. Unlike conventional viewfinders, this bright viewfinder enables you to focus precisely and comfortably even in dark underwater. Optically designed to suit an electrical viewfinder (EVF) of a DSLR camera which provides a wider viewing angle, so no vignetting nor blur even in corners. The magnification of this viewfinder is the same as the camera’s viewfinder. As its eye-point underwater is extended to 60 mm/2.4 inches, no vignetting of viewfinder image even through a mask. Viewfinder body is made from corrosion-resistant aluminum and fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) to make the body compact, lightweight yet durable.

*The Lock Ring Tool for X-2 Housing and Finder Unit Fixing Screw Ring is not included when purchasing this product only.


  • Weight: [air]305 g/10.7 oz.