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The UCL-100LD/UCL-100M67 is designed mainly for compact digital cameras to deliver the best optical performance on magnification, working distance and image quality. Larger lens aperture effectively suppresses vignetting even using at wide end 28mm (35mm film equivalent) (*2).

A high magnification close-up lens providing 100mm (+10 diopter) which is stronger than the combination of UCL-165M67/UCL-330 (equivalent to +9 diopter) but not as strong as 2 x UCL-165M67(equivalent to +12 diopter) thus best suited to underwater macro shooters. While these new lenses can capture even an expression of small marine life at zoom telephoto side, a user can appreciate its comfortable working distance (distance from lens edge to a subject) for easy lighting.

Dual use underwater / land. Optical characteristic supports close wide angle image as well since the lens effectively suppresses vignetting when shooting at zoom wide end with a 28mm camera (35mm film equivalent). Even at same shooting distance, it is easy to capture a subject at desired size by adjusting zoom setting (*3).

3 elements in 3 groups lens construction effectively suppress aberrations. Inner optical surfaces have antireflection coating to suppress optical aberrations more effectively.

The lens barrel has joint screw mount on its front side to hold another INON M67 series/28M67 series close-up lens for super macro imaging (*4) (*5).

Highly versatile screw type "M67 Mount" compatible.

The UCL-100M67 is directly screwed on a housing which has M67 lens ring. For a housing which does not have M67 lens ring, the UCL-100M67 is attached via dedicated "M67 Lens Adapter Base". For "28LD Mount Base" compatible housing, the UCL-100M67 is attached on "28LD Mount Base" via "M67-LD Mount Converter for UCL-330/165M67".

(*1) Optional "M67-LD Mount Converter for UCL-330/165M67" is necessary.

(*2) Not usable for a compact camera with large master lens or with super zoom function, or an interchangeable lens for SLR system.

(*3) Using on land and zoom wide end setting will have vignetting.

(*4) When using add on "UCL-165M67", "UCL-330" or "UCL-100M67", vignettig will be observed at zoom wide end underwater. Zoom in until no vignetting is observed.

(*5) Depending on combined camera/housing, stacking with other close-up lens could have significant degradation on image quality. For detail, please refer to compatibility chart.


  • Depth rating 60m (197ft)
  • Outer diameter / Length 6mm / 36.9mm (3.0in / 1.5in)
  • Weight (air / underwater) 269g / approx.151g (9.5oz / approx.5.3oz)
  • Lens coustruction 3 elements 3 groups
  • Focal length (air / underwater) 5mm / 100mm (5.1in / 3.9in)
  • Body material / Finishing Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy/rigid black alumite
  • Glass / Coating Optical glass/inner surface anti-reflection coating
  • Mount thread diameter / pitch M67-0.75