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Stability is one of the fundamental aspects in order to capture professional-grade videos. The Inon UW Tripod Hub offers a stable base for your camera which allows you to create steady, smooth videos. With the Inon UW Tripod Hub as the fundamental part, this newly designed system lets you customize your tripod setup, from the legs to the pan-head attachment options.

Create Your Own Underwater Tripod

Various items are customizable for this tripod. For the legs, you have 2 options - Inon Carbon Telescopic Arm or Standard Ball Arms. Lengths can also vary depending on your application. We do recommend using the Inon Carbon Telescopic Arm as it provides flexibility with its ability to adjust the length quickly. Other attachments are highly recommended such as the Inon UW 3-Way Panhead which gives you smooth control when panning.

Opening Angles

Each leg mount has 3 independent leg positions (high, middle, and low) which can be locked into place. Friction when opening/closing legs can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the fixing bolts on the leg joints.

Center Column Elevator

This feature provides more options for camera positioning. You can adjust the Elevator Column to provide extra height or set your camera closer to the ground.


Two ferrule styles are bundled with this tripod: Rubber & Spike. The 2 different styles of ferrule can be used depending on the application.