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The newly released UWL-95S M67 lenses now have the same lens barrel as the existing UWL-95S XD.

This design feature allows budget lens type conversion among three different lens mounts (M52, M67 or XD) only by changing the lens mount*.


  • Maximum view angle 95° underwater/159° in air.
  • Optional Dome Lens Unit IIIA/Dome Lens Unit IIIG further increases view angle underwater up to 141°.
  • Optimally designed optics effectively suppresses flare/ghost even in backlit condition to provide sharp and high quality image.
  • inch type sensor with bright master lens camera compatibility.
  • Minimum focusing distance 0 cm both on land and underwater.

Versatile "M67 Mount"

Directly screwed on compatible SONY housing.

Compatible housing: "MPK-URX100A"

Compact and handy

Compact size with 90mm outer diameter and 48.3mm length makes it easy to carry around. Thanks to the thin "XD Mount" design which does not sacrifice lens optical performance, the overall set size remains compact when attached on a housing.

Dual use land/underwater

Maximum view angle underwater is 95° which gets widen to 159° when using on land providing fisheye images without complicated and expensive gears.

Super wide option

Optional Dome Lens Unit IIIA, Dome Lens Unit IIIG widens original view angle to approx. 141°.

Newly designed optics provides quality underwater images

Totally renewed optical design effectively suppresses flare/ghost even in backlit condition to provide sharp and high quality image together with optimal lens positioning relative to camera master lens.

Minimum Focusing Distance 0 cm

A subject just in front of the lens or distant seascape never get out of focus. The lens won’t limit shooting distance.

Usable with All Zoom Range

Unlike conventional wide conversion lenses, which are recommended to be used only at zoom wide end as zooming results in poor image quality in peripheral areas, this lens manages to keep high quality image regardless of camera's zoom setting.

Optical Anti-Reflection Coating (AR-Coating)

All component lenses are finished with optical anti-reflective coating, which thoroughly suppresses flare and ghosting providing stable image quality in backlit scenes where flare and ghosting are likely to occur.

Interchangeable Lens Mount

Replacing the original lens mount with an optional lens mount can convert lens type. Below options are available for type conversion.

“XD Male Bayonet for UWL-95S”

“M52 Screw Ring for UWL-95S”