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The INON Z-330 Type2 provides powerful Guide Number 33, high performance, and multifunction in its compact body. The high-performance fly-eye dome lens provides both powerful light output not sacrificed by a diffuser etc. and 110 degrees underwater beam angle with minimal unevenness in light distribution. For digital cameras, film cameras, optical connections,s and sync cable connections, the Z-330 Type2 strobe supports every camera system with unparalleled features.


  • Spread even strobe light at 110 degrees UNDERWATER without a diffuser
  • Powerful Guide Number 33
  • 13-step Manual Mode in addition to proven S-TTL Auto Mode
  • Bundled "Strobe Light Shade" to prevent shining camera lens
  • 220 lumen, shutter linked auto OFF Focus Light
  • Easily visible conspicuous phosphorescence back control panel during day and night
  • Improved intuitive controllability with larger control dials
  • Built-in radiation system to release generated heat inside to underwater
  • Optical/electrical connection compatibility
  • Minimum recycle time "approx. 1.6 sec." at the full dump.
  • On-board Wireless TTL capability

Fly-eye Dome Lens, High Power, and 110° Underwater Beam Angle with Less Uneven Light Distribution

Yet lightweight and compact body, the Z-330 Type2 is designed to produce powerful G.N. 33 (*1). Precisely designed fly-eye dome lens (*2) together with INON's unique patented "T-shape Twin Flash" successfully manages both powerful strobe light without sacrificing any power and circular 110-degree beam angle UNDERWATER.

Not as like a conventional translucent white diffuser which can widen coverage while it has to sacrifice power and store heat inside, this specially designed fly-eye dome lens diffuses strobe light thanks to a reflection ratio of air, acrylic, and water to attain UNDERWATER beam angle of 110 degrees with almost all-powerful output coming through.

Furthermore, the Z-330 Type2 has overcome the drawback of a high-power strobe which has a long flash duration and reaches FULL power in a significantly short period of time. Together with a flashing system in sync with the pre-flash and main flash of the camera’s built-in flash, the Z-330 Type2 can deliver full dump even at a 1/1000 high shutter speed setting without cutting power.

(*1) Measurement in air/ ISO100m, Nominal value

(*2) PAT. P on the dome lens system to widen underwater coverage.

S-TTL Auto /13 Steps Manual Flash Mode

Proven and reliable INON's unique super accurate auto exposure system "S-TTL" Auto mode (patented) is onboard to support easy and solid underwater shooting with appropriate exposure.

In addition, an optimized high-performance slave sensor never misses the camera's trigger signal even with a faint signal or partially damaged fiber optics cable can still trigger the strobe so as not to bother you with unstable flashing.

Precise 1/2EV. increment 13 steps Manual flash control is onboard as well to support professional use where fine power adjustment is required to provide highly accurate lighting.

EV Controller to Adjust Exposure of S-TTL Auto

It is simple to fine-tune flash power in S-TTL Auto by dialing the EV. Control Switch on the back control panel. The adjustable range is 3 steps to increase and 6 steps to decrease. It is easy and simple to suit your intended exposure or different exposure control characteristics among camera models.

Bundled "Strobe Light Shade" to Prevent Shining Camera Lens

The "Strobe Light Shade" is bundled as a standard accessory to cut a part of strobe light to benefit to dramatically suppress flare or ghost by not shining the camera lens directly and backscatter when a strobe is positioned in the vicinity or ahead of the lens port by blocking light between lens port and subject not to shine suspended particles.

The flange rotates 360 degrees. Intuitive operation and comfortable adjustment is supported with light clicks even underwater while you shoot.

220 lumen, Wide-spread Focus Light

220-lumen High-power LED, Shutter-linked Auto-Off Focus Light

The built-in "Shutter-linked Auto-Off Focus Light" delivers 220lm brightness to support when focusing a subject and ceases in synch with the shutter release then automatically turns ON again (U.S. Patented). A Fresnel lens is fitted on the front of the built-in LED light to align the light with the optical axis of the strobe. In combination with the front fly-eye dome lens, the beam angle has been greatly increased while minimizing the loss of light intensity. Illuminating the subject over a wide area, greatly improves its usability as a target light.

Conspicuous Phosphorescence Back Panel

Using white base high-intensity phosphorescence material for the back panel to improve visibility both during the day and night dives. Also, control dials are enlarged for user-friendly controllability even through thick gloves during cold water diving. The "EV. Control Switch" stops at minimum and maximum power settings telling you the current switch position without seeing the switch itself.

Radiation System to Release Generated Heat Inside

The Z-330 strobe Type2 is equipped with a circular metal heatsink carrying high thermal conductivity around the light-emitting area. The heatsink is directly connected to the inner circuit component to release generated heat effectively. Improved heat tolerance has resolved heat problems typically accompanied by the powerful strobe. No stress with an abrupt stop of flashing to cool down.

Minimum Recycle Time "approx. 1.6 sec." at Full Flash

Minimum recycle time at full flash (Time from full flash to strobe ready lamp on and ready to fire.) is approx. 1.6 sec.(*3) achieving fast recycle time even delivers powerful light.

(*3) With recommended Panasonic "eneloop pro", BK-HCD, 1.2V, Min.2,500mAh. Recycle time based on INON test data.

Wide Variety of Dome Filters

The Z-330 strobe Type2 has a bayonet system to hold a strobe dome filter to attach/remove easily. Besides bundled "Strobe Dome Filter SOFT" which protects dome lens surface and softens strobe light, optional "Strobe Dome Filter ND" which steps down at -4EV, "Strobe Dome Filter [4600K]" which changes the native color temperature to 4600K and "Strobe Dome Filter [4900K]" which changes to 4900K are available for creative lighting needs.

Both Optical/Electrical Trigger Supported

Optical connection system widely supports underwater housings for compact digital cameras to digital SLR housings with built-in flash or SLRs housing with built-in LED trigger circuitry regardless of make or model. The strobe is equipped with Nikonos 5 pin sync connector to shoot in TTL Auto mode with a film camera or in Manual mode for a digital SLR housing with a bulkhead (*4).

 (*4) Usable function may vary depending on camera system and connection method

Seamlessly Work with Different Pre-flash Mode

Fully compatible with a camera that alters a number of pre-flash between once or twice making total flashes twice or three times depending on shooting condition. The Z-330 automatically detects a number of pre-flash to activate an adequate program to support proper functioning of the Manual as well as highly accurate S-TTL Auto mode. 

INON's unique Advanced Cancel Circuit benefits you with faster recycle time and more images per battery set to eliminate drawbacks when using Manual Flash mode with a pre-flash type digital camera where the built-in flash always bursts full dump.