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These LEAK INSURE PROTECTIVE ABSORBENT SACHETS for Underwater Housings (5 Sachets) are designed to absorb minor leaks in underwater camera housings (and other underwater equipment).

Each Sachet contains fast-acting granules that absorb 400 times their own weight in water. When placed in your underwater housing before a dive, a Leak Insure sachet can buy valuable time to get to the surface and save your camera if the housing starts to leak.

Not only do they absorb water from leaks--they also absorb moisture from the air in your camera housing. This helps reduce condensation forming on the walls of the housing and, more importantly, on the camera, lens, and housing port. Leak Insure Sachets can be re-used if they are dried after use. These mini sachets are suitable for compact cameras and smaller video housings.


  • Sachet absorbs minor leaks in housing
  • Sachet absorbs 400x its own weight in water
  • Sachet reduces condensation in housing, camera, lens, and port
  • Re-usable after drying
  • Sizes:
    • Mini sachet (absorption capacity is 20ml/sachet)
      • 77 x 1.57"/45 x 40mm
    • Slim sachet (absorption capacity is 17ml/sachet)
      • 15 x 0.78"/80 x 20mm
    • Standard sachet (absorption capacity is 40ml/sachet)
      • tea bag-like pouches


Leak Insure Sachets are designed to give you more time to get your underwater equipment out of the water in the event of a leak. They are not a guarantee that if you get a leak they will save your underwater equipment. We accept no liability for damages caused to your equipment.