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Marelux has just announced their plans for a high innovative and revolutionary underwater strobe - being the first underwater strobe with TTl and High Speed Sync (HSS) and RC compatible.

This strobe work with a wireless trigger (Marelux Lumilink Optical Trigger)

On top of these innovative features, the underwater strobe wil also feature a full power recycle time of 0,8s, and a Guide Number of 44.

Battery is not included (sold separately)


  • 1x Apollo III strobe
  • 2x Oring
  • 1x Diffuser
  • 1x Mounting Ball
  • 1x Neoprene Cover


  • Waterproof Depth : 100m
  • Support TTL, RC, HSS
  • With a special designed MTL mode, support continuous flashes
  • With 2 fisheye wireless signal sensor units. Plus one fiber port, sensor coverage 160 °. Wireless trigger supports M, MTL, HSS. (TTL modes,RC needs fiber)
  • ISO 100 : 44 (tested on land)
  • Scattering angle 110 ° (under water)
  • Temp 6200k
  • With dome diffuser, scattering angle 140 °, Temp 5500k
  • Full power recycle time 0.6 second
  • Max diameter 90mm, length of main body 150mm,full length including knobs 177mm
  • Weight on land 960 grams (without battery, with ball mount),1095 grams with 3x18650 batteries (with ball mount)
  • Weight in water 125 grams (including 3x18650 batteries, including ball mount)
  • Water proof battery chamber
  • Full power flash : around 800 times
  • With 2 aiming light colors, 250 lumen on white, 180 lumen on red