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The Nauticam SMC, aka Nauticam Super Macro Converter, is one of our favorite high-powered wet macro lenses for serious underwater macro photographers. Nauticam makes some of the best underwater optics on the market, and this lens is no exception.


  • The strongest, sharpest diopter on the market
  • A little heavier than the subsee +10, with more magnification
  • Very sharp in the corners
  • Works well with the Nauticam flip-adapter
  • Ideal for full-frame shooters, or photographers already experienced with a wet diopter like the Bluewater +7, Kraken +6, or the Subsee +5 or +10
  • Not recommended for use with shorter focal length (e.g. - 60mm lenses on DSLR Cameras)
  • The SMC-1 works best with a good macro lens like the Sony 90mm macro lens, Nikon 105mm VR lens, or the Canon 100mm macro lens
  • We recommend a good focus light when using this diopter