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Ocean Reef has designed a communication system that is easy to use, lightweight, and within a recreational diver’s budget. The OCEAN REEF underwater communication system adds a whole new dimension to dive safety and enjoyment by connecting divers with each other and with partners on the surface.

When communicating underwater at short distances or in closed environments, it is often possible that audio distortion is caused by excessive transmission strength. The transmitters are relatively powerful, and if they are used in a pool or very close to each other, distortion can be created. The audio goes “off the scale”, and becomes difficult to understand. The “Damper” can be inserted on the antenna; it is made of spongy material with many tiny air pockets. The combination of the two materials creates the filter needed to reduce the transmission power as needed and make conversation intelligible again.


  • Designed for Short Distance Communication
  • Great Training Aid
  • Perfect for Closed Environment Communication
  • Dampens Distortion Caused by Excessive Transmission Strength
  • Spongy Material, Full of Tiny Air Pockets, Damper Reduces Transmission Power
  • Fits-On UW Units' Antenna Making Conversation Intelligible Again
  • Compatibility: All Ocean Reef Underwater Wireless Units