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The Oceanic Geo 4.0 Wrist Dive Computer brings smooth, intuitive technology and sleek style to your dive experience. It’s packed with features for adaptability for each of your dive needs and is super easy to use. There are four different operating modes including Watch, Dive, Freedive, and Gauge modes. The Gauge Mode comes with a run timer and the Dive Mode includes Air and Nitrox settings. The Freedive Mode tracks calculations allowing you to switch between Dive and Freedive modes when needed, while the Watch Mode offers daily alarms, dual time display, a countdown timer, and more. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of amazingness with the Oceanic Geo 4.0 Computer.

The Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity offers powerful wireless connection to your smartphone through the DiverLog+ App. This allows you to keep your digital dive log up to date, and so you can control the settings of your watch easily from your phone. Of course, if you don’t happen to have your phone around, all the same settings are adjustable from the dive computer itself. Additionally, the Geo 4.0 features Oceanic’s exclusive Dual Algorithm with a Bühlmann ZHL-16C using PZ+ based or DSAT based algorithm. This way you can choose the decompression algorithm that suits your diving needs.

The XL display area offers a wider font size and crisper, easy-to-read digits than ever before for the Geo, so you won’t be squinting through your mask to read your dive computer. While the display may be large, this dive computer is fairly lightweight; and since it features a flexible, yet strong, silicone band, it’s designed to not only be smart and adaptable through its technological advances, but also comfortable to wear on a day-to-day basis. The Oceanic Geo 4.0 really is a high-tech, high-quality piece of equipment, and any diver—new or experienced—will find that it’s reliable, stylish, and easy to use.


  • Four operating modes: Watch, Normal Dive, Freedive, and Gauge
  • Dual algorithm: Bühlmann ZHL-16C (PZ+ or DSAT)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
  • 2 Nitrox mixes to 100% Oxygen
  • Gauge mode and run-timer
  • Deep stop and countdown timer
  • Intuitive user interface with “Step Back”
  • History mode and 24 dive/99 freedives on-unit logbook
  • ”Last Dive” display featuring max depth and dive time
  • Altitude adjustable from 2,001’ to 14,000’ (610 to 4,200 meters)
  • Operational depth: 330’ (100m)
  • Audible alarms with user acknowledgement
  • User upgradeable firmware
  • Diver-replaceable battery with data retention
  • 300 hour battery life
  • CR2430 lithium battery
  • Dual time display
  • Daily alarms
  • Backlight for low light conditions
  • Time, date, and temperature
  • Electronic device interface (with Bluetooth)