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The SEAC MOTUS FINS are an interchangeable blade fin with a full foot pocket designed for spearfishing and free diving enthusiast. The foot pocket material is made from two materials with different densities. Hard thermoplastic rubber for the sole and ribs, and soft around the foot to optimize the comfort/performance ratio.

The Motus Fin blade material is a special techno-polymer with a formula that emphasizes its flexibility and responsiveness. The blade has a 22° blade and a foot pocket to optimize thrust. Blade edge rails help focus water down the length of the blade for maximum propulsion on every fin kick. Large heel pull tab for easy donning and doffing.


  • Interchangeable Blade Fin Design
  • Special Techno-Polymer Formulation Focused on Blade's Flexibility and Reactivity
  • Foot Pocket:
    • Comprised of Dual Density Material
    • Hard Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Sole and Ribbing
    • Soft TPR for Foot Pocket
    • Optimizes Comfort and Performance
  • 22° Angle Between Blade & Foot
  • Angled Blade: Optimize Power of Thrust w/Less Effort
  • Heel Pull Tab for Easy Donning and Doffing
  • Non-Vented Blade Design
  • Available in Multiple Sizes