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The enormous and continuously selectable power of 0-12 Nm and the lightweight make the FLASH ARM an extremely strong partner. The patented brake disk technology makes it possible to retain flash devices in position even on land. Underwater you can adjust the arm quickly and sensitively by means of releasable levers. The perfectly sealed hollow construction creates buoyancy and the arms available in different lengths improve the adjustable range for wide-angle and macro.

Through different combinations, there is no limit to the range of possible adjustments. Adapters are available for external flash devices. The arm comes in a practical protective neoprene bag.

Available Sizes:

  • Seacam Double Ball arm in 50mm length
  • Seacam Double Ball arm in 150mm length
  • Seacam Double Ball arm in 300mm length
  • Seacam Double Ball arm in 400mm length