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SeaCure was created by an orthodontist, to fit your mouth, teeth, and gums perfectly. SeaCure offers custom comfort and eliminates the jaw fatigue sometimes experienced with conventional mouthpieces.

The SeaCure Benefit

The SeaCure mouthpiece, being moldable, can actually enter the mouth all the way to the rear of the jaw employing all of the diver's teeth. The result is that the large rear teeth and tremendous mechanical advantage of the back of the jaw can now be employed to retain the mouthpiece/regulator unit during diving, greatly reducing the required muscle effort.

Sizing For Your Regulator

The SeaCure models have identical fully custom bitewings, which are moldable to fit every individual diver's mouth, teeth, and jaw. The only difference is the orifice that mounts on the regulator mouthpiece fitting. You will need to select the appropriate size for your regulator. Almost all regulator mouthpiece fittings fall into two general sizes (#1 or #2) with some fittings being only slightly larger or smaller. We strongly suggest that you accurately measure to be certain, but we also have a list of some popular brands and models below: