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The ULTRALIGHT MINI MULTI BATTERY TESTER is a microprocessor-controlled instrument that computes the battery's remaining power capacity using a fully automatic, pulse load test. After about two seconds, the percentage of remaining capacity is indicated on the LED display.

Battery types are clearly labeled next to appropriate contacts and this tester works with over 15 different batteries, including NiMH, lithium, lithium-ion, alkaline, coin type, and more. By using this tester you'll know exactly how much life is left in your batteries. The unit runs on four AAA batteries and features a probe and lead wire which conveniently stores away in the seam.


  • Quickly and easily identify weak or failing batteries
  • 3V coin cell batteries will not test properly on this device
  • The CR123 and the CR2 coin cell batteries are compatible with the device
  • Patented high accuracy pulse load test - measures the level of battery charge underuse
  • No switches or settings
  • The compact size makes it easy to pack and travel with